Beowulf keenest or deserving of praise

The noon of your strength Shall last for a while now, but we know in little time Flame, drowning, spear, or ugliness of age Will conquer you finally, O bravest of warriors.

When critics Frederick Klaeber and J. Torches set it aflame, and soon the smoke rose thick and black above it; the roaring of flames mingled with the wailing of the mourners while the body of Beowulf was consumed.

He is not unaware of the impression he is making on the Danes. A Geatish woman with braided hair lamented the loss of her King. The story as a work of art went unnoticed for centuries.

Fiery flame issued forth first: Rather would I perish in fire with our gold-giver than that we should return again with shields unscathed. Beowulf finds Grendel in the corner ready to end Grendel's journey of killing many.

So we see both Beowulf, who was not of royal stock, made king and then Wiglaf the man who alone stood with Beowulf in his last combat given the kingship personally by the dying Beowulf [2, p.

Queen Hygd mourned the king's death, and to Beowulf made offer of the kingdom, but he chose to be faithful to Hygelac, and protected his young son, Heardred, until he grew to years of wisdom and strength. Both the king and the dragon were bent on slaughter; each feared the other.

Nevermore, he vowed, would they receive gifts or lands; each one would, when the lords were told of their cowardice, be deprived of their possessions.

The shield gave that strong hero good defence against the flame. Lines speak about his reign as King of the Geats that lasts for fifty years, and ends with his death by Dragon.

Beowulf was filled with anger against the monster, and resolved to be avenged. Great faith had he in the security of his hiding place, but his faith proved to be futile.

Beowulf will fight to the death if he has to to claim all the gold and other things from the dragon's tower. Though many examples can be used to defend the statement that Beowulf is acting for the sake of his own glory and praise, I believe that Beowulf is truly acting out of concern for the safety of the citizens of Herot and other lands.

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Wiglaf came Beowulf keenest or deserving of praise washed the bloodstained king, who was weary after the conflict, and unloosed his helmet and took it off. Never before was so large a pyre seen by men.

And Heaven swallowed 7 the billowing 8 smoke. Finding the door bolted, Grendel rips open the front of a building. Then gan a cursed hand the quiet womb Of his great grandmother with steel to wound, And the hid treasures in her sacred tomb With sacrilege to dig; therein he found Fountains of gold and silver to abound, Of which the matter of his huge desire And pompous pride eftsoons he did compound; Then Avarice gan through his veins inspire His greedy flames, and kindled life-devouring fire.

Then did the king fall fighting against the Frisians and Hugs. Scholars at universities, notably Oxford, dealt with the grammar and vocabulary of the epic, but not with its literary content. Beowulf seems as if he is saying without gaining glory then he would want death to take him as if he is so humiliated he could not live.

In sadness and sharp grief the people went towards the dragon's lair, and they saw the dread monster that had been slain. Though many examples can be used to defend the statement that Beowulf is acting for the sake of his own glory and praise, I believe that Beowulf is truly acting out of concern for the safety of the citizens of Herot and other lands.

Wood-smoke rose black over blaze, and blent was the roar of flame with weeping the wind was stilltill the fire had broken the frame of bones, hot at the heart.

Wearing his chain mail and carrying an iron shield, Beowulf calls out to the Dragon: I crushed his bones. Wiglaf goes to Beowulf quickly to tell him about the treasure and Beowulf tells Wiglaf about when he dies to take over his spot as a leader of his people. The tighter the weave, the greater the deflection.

The ancient dragon which went forth by night wrapped in fiery flame found the treasure unprotected, and from that hour became the guardian of it. And as he had come to know how its dread vengeance had been stirred up against his people, he took with him also the slave who had rifled the treasure, so that he might be a guide to lead them unto the monster's den.

In all this, the speech-making and ceremonial affairs far exceed the actual combat; the real theme of the poem is less a guide to slaying dragons than it is reflection on the transience of life, what it means to be a hero, and how to maintain dignity in the face of defeat and, finally, death. Naked he fought with Grendel, but now he must stand against consuming flame.

Now with this new beast, he is in her territory. The nonmonastic world was above all personal.The poem contains genealogical verse, a creation hymn, several elegies, a lament, a heroic lay, a praise poem, historical poems, a flyting (boast contest), gnomic verse, a sermon, and more.

Beowulf was destined to take part in great acts of heroic magnitudes. The King Hrothgar recognized him as a man who was destined to be a great warrior in Denmark by the fact that the king knew his father (Breeden, 4).

Therefore, Beowulf’s destiny is partly determined by. The poem ends with the words ‘‘ of all the kings upon earth / he was the man most gracious and fair-minded / kindest to his people and keenest to win fame’’ (Beowulf, pp–82).

Beowulf: Keenest or Deserving of Praise

Questioned Motivations The epic poem Beowulf translated by E. Talbot Donaldson has a great sense of heroism and bravery throughout. Though the main character Beowulf is a noble warrior, his motives are questioned as to whether he is “keenest for praise” or “deserving of praise”.

Beowulf is idolized in the poem which speaks of his [ ].

Beowulf: Keenest or Deserving of Praise

What words or images contribute to this tone?' and find homework help for other Beowulf questions at eNotes. keenest for praise" are examples of these kinds of phrases.

Beowulf Novel Project

so deserving of praise. in fame with all folk, since his father had gone away from the world, till awoke an heir, haughty Healfdene, who held through life, sage and sturdy, the Scyldings glad.

Beowulf keenest or deserving of praise
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